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Email Support

first post: tropicster wrote: Hi,How easy would it be to add Email Search support into this? (i....

how to use variable in linq expression?

first post: asin0622 wrote: ---------- var ss = "mp3"; SystemIndex ...

latest post: marior wrote: asin0622:Bug fixed , please try again!Please see the Test function ...

where syntax with MethodCallExpression

first post: asin0622 wrote: sorry for my pool English first i really like ur program but my...

latest post: marior wrote: Thanks’ asin0622 for your contribution! I'll fix this bug ASAP!

Vista Only?

first post: CVertex wrote: Hello, This project is cool and fulfills the programmatic promi...

latest post: marior wrote: Vijay: I use for development Visual Studio 2008 (Beta 2), Windo...

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